Travel Tips for Photographers: Gear, Trip Planning, Packing Tips, & More! on Picture This! ep. 32

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22 thoughts on “Travel Tips for Photographers: Gear, Trip Planning, Packing Tips, & More! on Picture This! ep. 32

  1. Doug Stewart Post author

    Headphone pro-tip: noise-cancelling headphones only do 15-18 dB noise
    reduction. In-ears do 20+ dB noise reduction (depends on materials). The
    also don’t require batteries.

  2. Dean Post author

    Lens Choices: A Macro lens is often an interesting lens to take traveling.
    It ensures you look for little details which add to the story your photos
    tell. It also doubles as a good portrait or standard prime lens. I use a
    Canon 50mm FD Macro (for portability). It’s most commonly on the crop
    sensor body, but this again shows the versatility you get when couples
    travel with APSC and FF in the same system.

  3. Dean Post author

    Travelling with your spouse: Consider being in same system, but one full
    frame and one APS-C. It gives you a lot of versatility with lenses and
    focal lengths. (I find Sony E-Mount works well).

  4. warmonked Post author

    I like some of the pacsafe brand of backpacks. The zippers can clasp to a
    hook to make it difficult to unzip, one strap can be unhooked and relocked
    to make it easy to hook around a chair, and they are slash resistant. I
    have the venturesafe 2 and really like it because the main pouch is big
    enough to hold my camera insert.

  5. Mike Lambert Post author

    Add the "Tripit" and "Kayak" apps to your phone. Email your travel docs to
    them and they appear in the app. Join frequent flyer programs and download
    the airlines apps for updates about your flights. Most airports have apps,
    download them for info about where to eat, lounge locations etc. Always
    check multiple sites for pricing (, Expedia etc) and always check
    Tripadvisor BEFORE you book your hotel.

  6. martinS S Post author

    I love ziplock bags. Everything from cords to wet stuff can go into it. I
    also use post it notes because I get a little disoriented when I am
    traveling. I like posting things to bring and do around the hotel room.
    Sharpies? I like writing big. Gaffer’s tape. can’t leave home with out it.

  7. Scott Post author

    Fold your clothes into a square. Use a compression sack. Sea to Summit
    eVent Compression Dry Sack is great. The small is a great size for clothes.
    I used to roll my own. Mil mindset. But compression sacks are the way.

  8. Gudmundur G Post author

    I recommend leaving your wife at home. It really lightens the load (sadly
    how much) and make the photographic part so much more enjoyable.

  9. Chris Reddy Post author

    Batteries – Bring lots, but put batteries in a battery case. Otherwise, the
    different rules in airports can force you to hand over all your batteries
    (fire prevention). Can be very expensive!


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