Save up to 20% on your Costa Rica car rental plus extra benefits

Get up to 20% off on your car rental in Costa Rica through our blog. We also offer these extra benefits: 2 free drivers, free local cell phone, 33% off GPS, free cooler, free surf racks, free…

4 thoughts on “Save up to 20% on your Costa Rica car rental plus extra benefits

  1. Minh Nguyen Post author

    Oh this is awesome! So, after watching some other videos they inform of
    pricing changes when you are actually out there. For example, when you lock
    down rate for 5 days at $250 but arrive to pick up, the price is then $600.
    Is this true or is Adobe an exception? Thx! We are looking forward to
    decide either a car rental or private shuttle.

  2. Antonio Chu Post author

    Buenos dias,

    Mi nombre es Antonio y soy de Argentina. Por favor pasenme una cotizacion
    para SUV grande (Kia Sorento 4×4 AT DIESEL)

    RETIRO Aeropuerto de San Jose: 13/07/2016 15:50 hs

    DEVOLUCION Aeropuerto de San Jose: 5/08/2016 15:50 hs

    Estuve mirando en la pagina de ADOBE, pero me gustaria saber en que precio
    me quedaria con el descuento de MyTanFeet



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