Car dude who enjoy travel and renting cars, I created this site to help anyone like me who’s looking for a reputable low price car rental.

I’ve been traveling from Nice, Corsica, (France), Florence (Italy) to Las Vegas and San Francisco and find renting good VIP car company was a challenge. Unless you are contented with your travel agency package which add cost being a third party.

At first, this whole thing can be very confusing, with batteries, atomizers, e liquid, carrying cases and then there are some products that look something like a medium sized flashlight.

Watch the video blogs to clarify some basics of renting cars with best deal in town, and offer my real reviews, based from experience and own personal recommendation. It’s been fun!

Who Is Rich Barell?
Age: 41
Car Enthusiast – Nissan GTR in particular, but still loves all kinds of cars.
Work: Works on internet from home and enjoy freedom on doing it. Blogger, author and CEO of Myself
State: California
Interests: Travel, Coffee, health, inspirational stuff, and cars.
Favorite Quote:
‘”Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”

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