23 thoughts on “My motorbike travel gear

  1. Marni Holbrook Post author

    Great video. Can you tell what brand the fuel and water bladders are. I’ve
    never seen them here in NZ and they look a hell of a lot better than the
    old red fuel container

  2. ComfortedZeus Post author

    What brand is that mattress? I’m trying to find one to take with my big CBR
    on trips…can’t really find any

  3. cruisin650 Post author

    Never thought about doing that with a water backpack yet. Resisted getting
    one due to the wash up each time but your solution makes sense.

  4. Diego Fianza Post author

    As a microbiologist, many pathogenic bacteria/their spores can live or do
    live in extreme temperatures…like freezing temps and some for years.

  5. Vasta Pasta Post author

    Hi Nerb, just asking what brand of rain jacket is that? Looks pretty
    compact how well does it work thanks.

  6. NessedUpProductions Post author

    Nice my man! That doesn’t look like much on the bike, but damn when you put
    it all out there you got everything you could need! I really need add a big


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