MUST have Travel Gadgets & Accessories

Hey guys – this is part of my Travel Series "How to Work from Home (or Anywhere) and Travel the World! I wanted to do a video sharing some of my must have travel gadgets and accessories. (OPEN…

14 thoughts on “MUST have Travel Gadgets & Accessories

  1. Dan Kelly Post author

    Don’t wear make up, your obviously a beautiful looking human but your
    covered in a fake mask. Thanks for the video

  2. iHued Smartphone Garage Door Opener Post author

    Cool video. See our Internet Garage Door Opener with webcam ? #iHued-Garage
    ? P.S. I Liked your video hope you can do the same, thanks 😉

  3. Roxi Sunshine Post author

    I’d love to see a story time video about your life. About Highschool, if
    you knew you wanted to go to college, travel the world, how you got
    involved in your career, how you started! Like go back to when you had no
    idea what freelancing was and how you got started! Love all you videos they
    make me feel one step closer to trying to figure this all out for myself.
    YOUR way of life is how I envision my own, I’m 19 and totally lost! your
    videos mean so much to me! <3

  4. SoniaVerardo BeautyBlog Post author

    Your job sounds very exciting, it’s nice to travel often and these
    recommendations were super helpful! That pineapple power bank is too cute!
    xx from Italy, Sonia Verardo


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