1. brittany schonert Post author

    for females: cotton underwear is a MUST, (if you like lace, find something
    with a cotton lined crotch) other materials arent as soft and breathable
    and can lead to infection especially if youre hiking around, or being
    active!! avoid spandexey materials and NO thongs when youre being active
    (also just in general: never sleep in a thong, the spread of bacteria that
    happens there is atrocious) ladies undies take up less space anyways, ive
    found that i can fit like 6 pairs of underwear in the internal cellphone
    pocket of my Swiss backpack !! be safe out there, the last thing u want is
    to get a yeast infection on the road

  2. Zach Victor Post author

    People don’t wear cotton because when it gets wet, it stays wet and doesn’t
    dry quick like many synthetics

  3. lola bilancetti Post author

    I really like your honesty, "take what you have" … very different from
    other channels that try to make you believe that you need special "travel
    items" all the time :)

  4. Inigo Montoya Post author

    Drinking game, this will get you wasted within 2 minutes!

    Take a shot every time he says backpack.

  5. Patrick Owens Post author

    Get darn tough socks, they’re guaranteed for life, they’re merino wool, but
    it’s not too hot, they have different thicknesses. It’s a tight knit, fits
    foot real well. Wool is naturally odor resistant, I would have no problem
    wearing one pair for around a weekish. It’s also naturally odor resistant,
    moisture wicking, fast drying. I used to wear cotton socks, but after I
    discovered darn tough socks it is all I wear, and I only have 3 pairs

  6. 22phan Post author

    That’s alot of stuff and a bit pricey.

    People can get
    $30 Arrowhead backpack 1lb 47L
    $6 2 Poly TShirts
    $6 Poly Shirt and Long
    $5 2 Poly Underwear
    $25 Trail Runners
    $20 Poly Golf Pants
    $30 Nylon Rain Jacket
    $30 Sawyer filter
    4 Trash bags for pack cover and pants.
    Phone Moto G Play, $200 Nexus 5X , $300 LG V10

    For Drones and Camera
    -DJI Mavic
    -Micro 4/3 like GH4 or Refurb Canon DSLR at the Outlet

  7. Sasan Ra Post author

    hey guys , i’m looking for companions to travel forever style without money
    ,living everywhere and no where, helping others for free ,seeking love and
    peace … i’ll start in 2months from belgium where i leave for now and i’m
    going to south , contact me if you’re interested (

  8. The Minimalist Ninja Post author

    absolutely loved this! 99.9% of my wardrobe is cotton and if I were to go
    on a big trip, I’d take my cotton items with me. Buying something new just
    for travelling, not worth it. Of course, if you can find something second
    hand, I’d say go for it! :)

  9. Robert Williamson Post author

    Minimalist travel….. even for us older folks who travel after retirement,
    in our 60’s and 70’s who still have the strength to travel and carry our
    own backpacks…It’s the way to go.

    I carry one max carry-on-size backpack… (the Tortuga now after using my
    M.E.I Voyageur for many years)
    I take a packable day pack for out and around cities, and the little day
    pack also does me fine for travelling to villages in the mountains for two
    or three days also.

    Eagle Creek makes a good one which I’m happy with, but there is also the
    Tortuga Packable Daypack. They pack up nice and small in their own pocket
    when not in use, and fit into a tiny spot in my regular backpack.

    I travel the tropics, so I never take shoes and socks, just a pair of Teva
    Holliway sandals and a pair of Keen Daytona sandals… both with anatomic
    footbed with arch support and heel strap. It’s becoming more and more clear
    from studies, that flat flip flops with no heel strap are bad for the feet
    and joints.
    Showering every day and washing and drying your feet and letting the feet
    be exposed to fresh air and the sun with sandals, cuts down on bacteria
    growth and smell you get when you confine your sweaty feet in socks and
    shoes in the tropics.. less likely for an infection in your feet or toes.
    This is information I got from a general practitioner Doctor and a
    Podiatrist foot specialist doctor who are both familiar with tropical
    medicine when I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ever since….I go barefoot in
    sandals if possible. My feet thank me for it. I should have been wearing
    sandals all my life…. sorry I found out about the health benefits of
    sandals so late in life.

    11.6" Macbook Air, Ipod Touch 5th Gen, (Getting the 6th Gen soon) , and a
    Mil Spec tough "dumb" unlocked flip phone, with a "Roots" holster with the
    most secure belt clip I’ve seen for this type of holster.
    (My phone is an unlocked Samsung Rugby II quad band 3G). I just swap out
    SIM cards. When I land in another country, first thing I do is get a SIM
    card for one of that particular countries Cell providers. I love my Samsung
    Rugby II so much that I bought a second for backup. I don’t need or want a
    smart phone. My Ipod Touch does a lot for me as long as I am in wifi range,
    and it even works as a phone when connected to a wifi hotspot. (I have a
    phone app for it). And my Macbook Air does everything for me at my
    residence where I stay.
    Thanks for the video….. Have Safe Travels.

  10. Magnus Leuthner Post author

    I mean no disrespect but eight shirts is not minimalist backpacking. That’s
    not even lightweight backpacking…


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