LONDON: "Our First Adventure" | Travel Vlog Ep. 01

Welcome to our weekly vlog! This is the first episode sharing our traveling adventures and the steps we take through our life. CLICK SHOW MORE… Follow us t…

24 thoughts on “LONDON: "Our First Adventure" | Travel Vlog Ep. 01

  1. JohnG500 Post author

    Just now watching your travel Vlogs. I’ve been to most of these places.
    London is my family’s fav place to visit!!! We have been several times.
    Love it each time. But haven’t been since 2000 or so. Yikes. Hahaha

  2. Oliver Dunn Post author

    Actually please get it right Washington lookalike London not the other way
    round. We influenced you! Just saying!! :P

  3. Ardiana Comia Post author

    THIS IS SO EXCITING! I want to be able to document my adventures as well,
    but I don’t have one. Ha. The irony. 

  4. Phoebe Ward Post author

    Love how much of a disapointment London was, It’s really not a big deal or
    a very nice place lol

  5. MsExpressionista Post author

    u guys are awesome! i am from europe and I handn´t had the opportunity to
    travel so many places. thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. Kerry Johnson Post author

    Hay…dailybumps sent me here. Lovely to see you visiting England thats
    where I live xx

  7. Stephanie Barkho Post author

    London is one of the places Ive always dreamed about going too ever since I
    was a little girl!! Hopefully I will be going next year!!

  8. kpickett456 Post author

    Can both of you do a packing video? Because I am currently planning a trip
    to Europe and I also want to just bring a regular backpack (not a huge
    backpacking backpack). 

  9. Alyssa Sullivan Post author

    Lol on the Ferris wheel there is a girl who is like "mommy my camera" and
    then she said "this is going to take of AGES!!"

  10. silentboar Post author

    This is awesome! so glad your videos are doing well. It still bothers me we
    flew past each other from London to Paris. Hope to see you two soon, take
    care. -cody

  11. Ashley Chambers Post author

    This is absolutely amazing. I wish my husband and i could travel like this.
    Maybe one day. You are so blessed! <3 you. I also heard about you from
    Missy and Bryan. so glad i checked the channel out!

  12. Brittney Biddy Post author

    Heard of your channel from Bryan and Missy! I am now subscribed to y’all!
    Can’t wait to watch the rest of your traveling fun! :) God Bless!


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