Dubai Travel Guide: Top attractions and tips for your next holiday

Dubai top attractions, travel guide and tips for your next holiday.

Dubai is an amazing city, it is growing so fast, that it is hard to keep in it pace. check our video and get some important travel tips on how to plan your Dubai vacation, see Jumeirah mousque, Burj Al Arab. Burj Khalifa, enjoy the water park in dubai, Take a desert safarin other things you should and shouldn’t do and more.

20 thoughts on “Dubai Travel Guide: Top attractions and tips for your next holiday

  1. Marquis Monroe

    Thank you Expedia. I requested this about two weeks ago, you didn’t
    disappoint me. I can’t wait to go in February. As the price stands now it
    is 958 $ through delta airlines with the app on my phone. I should hurry
    and jump on it.

  2. Sagar Sonker

    After having watched some other excellent and professional, neat and clean
    videos from Expedia, I only looked for Dubai two days ago, but couldn’t
    find it, and here it is. Three Cheers to Expedia and the team for this
    amazing video. Thank you for this one and all your videos. Now, I am
    eagerly waiting for Venice :)

  3. Boricua Mayaguezano

    I wanna go to Dubai i am a college history student and i cant wait to go
    and visit UAE love it

    I am From puerto rico and i justo can wait to go there


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