Car Travel Choking Snack Review

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14 thoughts on “Car Travel Choking Snack Review

  1. Angie LupusLife Post author

    I had myself worried for a second too. LOL Hope your week is off to a great

  2. EuphoricImpact Post author

    lol you had me worried for a second! I can’t remember the last time I was
    in Arizona. I can’t imagine the tasted of Barbeque Sweet Potato chips. If I
    work up the courage I may try some. Have a great day Angie. Peace

  3. Sue Peterson Post author

    I’ve choked a lot like that and figured out a way to help relieve it before
    it gags over and over….you take your tongue and put it at the roof of
    your mouth, then breathe through your nose. Totally works immediately so
    you can breathe out of your cleared tube.

  4. Tresisme1 Post author

    Drink some Water .. Drink Some Water I was saying to the screen. LoL =S
    Holy Choke ! I was feeling for ya. Happy that you liked them. =) I tried
    the salt & vinegar ones .. not that great .. gotta say .. was disappointed
    for sure but I will try them again on camera too. Maybe I didn’t give them
    a chance. haha I think that was the 303 link up that you seen being built &
    the mountain were the White Tanks. =)

  5. squincegoddess Post author

    Lmao! Maybe that car was driving right by your side cause he saw you
    choking and wanted to help lol.

  6. Cas-tle Grown Post author

    You’re funny Angie, these aren’t bad other than the choking. That is
    usually enough for me not to enjoy any snack. :) Love the review, peace


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