Budget Travel Tips: Essential Travel Gear & Items

Going through all of the things Im traveling with, while in my hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand. Note: See the full list of items below! PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP?? "Gabes Guide to…

13 thoughts on “Budget Travel Tips: Essential Travel Gear & Items

  1. Dracomies Post author

    Just wanted to add a bit of constructive feedback as I’ve been to Southeast
    Asia and have a good understanding of things that you should pack and
    things that you shouldn’t.
    Let’s go through the list:
    Right off the bat I would recommend a nicer hotel than the one you have
    right now. Hotels in Thailand are so cheap and for about $30-$40 per night,
    you can get something equivalent to the Cosmo in Las Vegas. Don’t get a
    hostel. I’m not about the Marriot but for a few bucks more, you can solve
    most of the problems that you have and have mentioned in this video. You
    don’t need to worry about locks, extra blankets, towels or electric
    converters working correctly, etc. if you have a good hotel. And you can
    get a great hotel for about 30-40 US dollars, so I’d strongly urge everyone
    to avoid hostels and pay the extra $15.
    At 2:17, you mention a guide book. You don’t need this if you have a Thai
    Sim Card with internet on your cellphone.
    At 2:26, you mention a beard trimmer. I’d opt for the Oneblade by Norelco.
    Perfect for traveling and lightweight. –>
    At 2:35, you mention electric converters. They are much cheaper and lighter
    these days in 2017. I’d recommend this. –>Ceptics All-In-One International
    Travel Plug Adapter with Dual USB Ports
    Also you don’t need to worry about this if you’re in a hotel rather than a
    hostel. (This is why I’m very much against hostels or cheap hotels. I’m all
    about getting a bargain but some things are not worth trimming the price on)
    At 4:03, you mention no service on the cellphone but a Simcard at the Thai
    airport can give you 4G internet on your cellphone for about $10 for one
    At 4:08, you mention a metal water bottle. To be frank, water bottles are
    dirt-cheap in Thailand and they are on *every* street. They run at about 5
    baht per water bottle, which is 15 cents. Yes, if you are environment
    friendly, you can carry a clunky bottle but I don’t like carrying extra
    things if I don’t need to.
    At 4:36, you mention a knife. I personally wouldn’t bring a knife as that
    means I would need to check-in my luggage. I’d buy one in Thailand if I
    absolutely needed a knife. The problem is with checking in luggage.
    Checking in your things wastes 2 hours of your time every time. Usually it
    takes about 45 minutes to check-in my bags and another hour waiting for it
    to come out of a carousel. That’s *if* it even comes out of the carousel.
    And that’s not factoring *if* it’s the last bag out of the carousel. And
    that’s not factoring in if I’m going through multiple countries. So you are
    effectively wasting so many hours of your time. I don’t check-in.
    Everything goes on carry-on. I get in and out within minutes. I don’t ever
    have to worry about whether my bags will get to me. Rule of thumb: If
    you’ve brought so much that you need to check-in, you’ve brought too much.
    At 4:53, you mention a Sleep Mask. I use that as well. But I don’t need
    that once I’ve landed. It sounds like your current hotel has no curtains.
    Again, another reason to upgrade to a nicer hotel. I would never, ever opt
    for a hotel less than $30 per night. Those tend to be disappointing.
    At 5:26, you mention earplugs. I’d recommend these –>
    At 5:33, you mention bandaids, Advil, chapstick. You don’t need these in
    Thailand. You’ll find them on every block.
    At 5:46, you mention toiletries. You don’t need these. These are
    everywhere. The only thing I would recommend bringing is Stick Deodorant.
    They have spray and roll-on deodorant but no stick deodorant. Also bring
    your own Sunblock because their sunblock has skin-whitening in Thailand.
    At 5:55, I agree with you on the toilet paper. I go to the Thai Family Mart
    and buy the small packs there. Portable baby wipes (don’t laugh) work even
    At 6:08, you don’t have to bring a lock if you have a slightly more
    expensive hotel. It’s worth that little bit of security.
    At 6:55, you mention a need to bring a blanket. Hotels (other than cheap
    hostels) will provide that.
    At 7:28-7:45, you’re better off with a microfiber quickdry portable towel.
    That replaces your Sarong and your towel.

  2. F.D McIntyre Post author

    Another nice video, thanks Gabriel!!! I always take a couple of combi locks
    with me, keys can get lost, the beard trimmer I am not so sure about, would
    be quite heavy, I would buy a local one and then ditch it before leaving
    the country, depends on the final weight of my kit??

  3. Wanderer Post author

    If I’m travelling India and staying in budget hotels, when I go out for the
    day, and obviously can’t take everything with me, if I padlock the door how
    can I ensure that someone doesn’t just break it with bolt cutters? or is
    this a rare scenario? Because I am planning on taking some pretty expensive
    photography gear (which Id rather not carry all of it every time I go out).

  4. Mark Santucci Post author

    So even in warm area’s like Thailand you bought Chapstick? or did you come
    over from a colder place and just happened to have Chapstick in this video?

    Do you like sports if so any favorite teams? if so do you ever bring that
    teams cap?

    of the places you’ve been to this place and in Mexico when Merchant’s take
    credit cards
    Do they take Discover? I noticed in your Mexico video a couple places had
    American Express ?


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