Best Travel Tech Gear! (2016)

These are some of the best and top travel tech clothing, bluetooth speakers, compact headphones and battery extending products in 2016! SCOTTeVEST Clothing: http:bit.ly234RpeD dbrand skins…

23 thoughts on “Best Travel Tech Gear! (2016)

  1. Camiel Geudens Post author

    Can someone tell me why the AT-M50x dont cost anything? I don’t really
    trust it because it’s like (max) $15 for a veryy nice pair of headphones…
    Your help is much appreciated :)

  2. Awesome Warrior Post author

    I have a holiday to Jamaica after Christmas so I will put these on my
    Christmas list.awesome video danny

  3. Twice the Baka Post author

    How heavy does the jacket/hoodie feel when putting all of your phones and
    all in it? I’d image it be the heaviest thing ever.

  4. Ethan Q Post author

    are the m50x worth still getting as they have been out for almost 2 years.
    as just a travel pair of headphones, or is there a better option such as
    Bluetooth and such


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