Best One Bag Travel Minimalist Ultralight Gear and Packing List

Check out my picks for the best one bag travel, minimalist, ultralight gear and a packing list, too! Find more carry info at http:www.carryology.combagsbest-one-bag-travel-ultralight-gear-packi…

23 thoughts on “Best One Bag Travel Minimalist Ultralight Gear and Packing List

  1. Abdel Amrouche Post author

    The best video about minimalist packing I saw on Youtube so far! Amazing
    tips! Quick question pls: what is the color for your Outlier Slim
    Dungarees? Zinc? Concrete? Steel?

  2. steve williams Post author

    Definitely one of the best one bag travel videos online. Would be very cool
    if you did an update … even if its to say you haven’t changed anything
    since this video was made.

  3. roundingcorners Post author

    Cool perspective but those vivobarefoots are something else. I’d rather go
    have tea and look like i came from a jog in trail runners versus those.

  4. Zachary Williams Post author

    My bag consists of one pair of jeans one sweatshirt two t-shirts two pairs
    of underwear two pairs of socks and a pair of shorts for clothes a ziplock
    bag of deodorant toothpaste toothbrush and a comb my wallet phone charger
    headphones and my phone that’s it it all fits in a cinch bag

  5. Andrew Parsons Post author

    Did you ever checked out thru – hiking communities? They abuse their gears
    more heavily than digital nomads and live out of 10-15lbs packs for eight
    months a year. Often many years in a row.

  6. albert schweizer Post author

    liked the video. you really gave a lot of useful information. but how close
    your face to the camera is makes me uncomfortable

  7. John Cook Ⓥ Post author

    Really great informative video, i was just wondering you mentioned that it
    was a shame they didnt do a vegan version of thoe dress shoes, i was
    wandering if you knew of any decent vegan dress shoe alternatives that pack
    down small and light?? thanks again

  8. Brennan Googoo Post author

    Awesome video, one of the best travel packing video’s I’ve seen! How many
    litres was your pack?


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