Berlin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Berlin, the capital of Germany, lies on the banks of the River Spree. The city has an eclectic mix of architectural styles; everything from the modern dome o…

8 thoughts on “Berlin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. mgmsz Post author

    أحب هذه المدينة – Love this city because of people "gilie hesch Berlin" <3

  2. ofelixdacat Post author

    I like Berlin but it’s not my favourite European city. I visited in
    November & the weather wasn’t as nice as it appears in this video. The city
    has a bit of a stern, cold, sparsely populated yet haunted feel about it.
    It’s not bustling or busy like London or Paris.

  3. Luigi giglio Post author

    From when he said " berlin is a city of churches " i can’t stop laugh :’D

    sent from rome


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