Atlanta Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Atlanta, Georgia, is located near the Southern end of the Appalachian Mountains. Its known as the the city in a forest thanks to its lush canopy of trees….

11 thoughts on “Atlanta Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Tien phung Post author

    what useful videos! Thanks Expedia for creating these.
    The videos summarise lots of information, through it, i can travel all over
    the world only by a click!
    Support EXPEDIA ! <3

  2. IV C Post author

    they only showed the good parts, georgia sucks. trust me, i’ve lived here
    my entire life.

  3. Veterinary Medical Center of Clayton Post author

    Loved the video! Great Introduction for those visiting us.

  4. Frickis Orlando Post author

    Has atlanta antumn leave. I thought atlanta has palm threes. South caroline


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