As the old saying in Montana goes, get your map ready before you enter the woods. Since were in 2014, most of the modern cars has built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) that guides your road travel along the way. Yet, make sure your smart phone is loaded with latest GPS driving apps to give you clear and concise driving directions. But it is still advisable to bring a copy of the traditional map just in case all the driving gadgets went down.
Here are the top five driving apps out there. Pick one or two of which one is right for you? Or test-drove all of them.

Google Maps
For: Apple iOS and Android devices.

Cost: Free.

MotionX GPS Drive
For: Apple iOS devices.

Cost: $3 a month or $10 a year for the app with voice guidance, plus $1 to download.

Navigon USA
For: Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Cost: $50 for the app; add-on features (such as speed cams and traffic updates) are $5 to $40 each.

Scout by Telenav
For: iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Cost: Basic app is free; premier package (which includes info on speed traps) is $5 a month or $25 a year.


For: Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Cost: Free.

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