$7 a day car rental in LA @LAX : Is this the ultimate deal?

In this video, lyfestyleLA shows you how to find ultimate deals on rental cars in Los Angeles. We found this rental car searching online, and paid only $7 a day plus tax. Total rental cost…

11 thoughts on “$7 a day car rental in LA @LAX : Is this the ultimate deal?

  1. Dan C Post author

    If you want to save money don’t rent fron the airport. They charge double
    of what the neighborhood stores charge. Airport rentals are for rich people.

  2. Karl Santos Post author

    Which is better for getting around LA quicker driving or public transport?
    I’ve heard about the bad traffic in LA and i’m scared that renting a car
    would be just as slow or even slower than using public transport in LA

  3. Claudius Albury Post author

    LyfestyleLa – Thank you for your review. I could be wrong, but that $7 a
    day price most likely came from your engagement with the manager before you
    rented the car because of the camera. That sounds more like an employee
    discount you received, compared to what the general public and website
    indicate. I know you meant well, but In season or not, the information you
    provided in this video is just not helpful to anyone. Interviewing the
    customers would probably be a better approach

  4. Ray Flower Post author

    got a flight to LA for the summer the avarage pirce of car rental is 45-55,
    what are you talking about 7dollars damn

  5. jaimeparadise Post author

    as of today 02/01/17 on that website (RentalCars.com) to rent a car on LAX
    for 6 days, cheapest price and smallest car is $262… FAKE advertisement

  6. Goodie Alfonso Post author

    What an extremely useless video is this? What is the purpose of this if you
    don’t even tell us the rental company name or the website you booked it
    from? Weird!?


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