10 Best Travel Accessories Under $50 | Gift Ideas for Travelers

Here are my 10 best travel accessories UNDER $50 that are going to make your next family vacation so much more comfortable! My very favorite tech travel accessory has to be the solar phone…

12 thoughts on “10 Best Travel Accessories Under $50 | Gift Ideas for Travelers

  1. Pink Magic Ali Post author

    To save time…that website from the first 5 minutes does not ship
    internationally. Don’t even bother looking unless you live in the US.

  2. Christina Bauer Post author

    This video could not be more timely. My husband and I are moving from Texas
    to Utah and have been looking for a phone mount that’s not super wimpy. We
    followed the link and bought two! Thanks!

  3. Wan Jones Post author

    Thanks for the tips. Love your energy. I work for an airline and wish I had
    that solar charger on my recent trip to Rio. I’ve got to get one. I always
    travel with a small power strip and luggage scale, my husbands bag is
    always overweight!

  4. momof2 Post author

    Miss Personality !! You always bring so much energy to your videos :) My
    son works for a local company similar to the one you show here. These
    companies make electronics shopping inexpensive and easy


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